03/10/2024 – 04/10/2024

BEGINNERS workshop

£995.00 excl VAT

This is Property’s Beginner Workshop provides everything you need to get started and accelerate in property investment. From exploring the fundamentals of property investing to how to get that ‘competitive edge’ – our successful property expert shares it all.

The course provides an overview of several property investing techniques, such as buy-to-let, property flipping, serviced accommodations, sourcing, and more. It covers how to identify property deals both on and off the market, how to appraise a property for investment purposes and conduct the required due diligence, and negotiation techniques to secure a property for a price that works for you. It covers the purchasing procedure in full and outlines how to secure financing to support your property ventures.

Limited spaces available. Tea, coffee and lunches are all provided.

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Real Training for Property Success
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