06/08/2024 – 09/08/2024

ACCELERATOR workshop, 6-9 Aug, Saltire House, Glenrothes

£6,000.00 inc VAT
This is Property’s Accelerator Workshop deep dives into the best ways to flip properties for profit, and explores successful project management strategies honed by our experts’ practical experience in the industry. The course covers a range of topics and follows the journey of a renovation, starting with finding the property and how to complete the due diligence. Our expert will then provide insight into different ways in which you can add value to the property – including how to get creative with your budget, architecture and design. Before finishing with the strategies on how to maximise profit on resale, you’ll also learn how to manage the renovation as an effective project manager, such as overseeing contractors, adhering to schedules, and overcoming challenges. It also provides everything you need to know about buying properties you want to let out, and how to build your own portfolio. It offers advice on how to evaluate a possible BTL property, choose criteria that best fit your objectives, and carry out a thorough due diligence process. It goes over many approaches to investing and growing your portfolio, legal and regulatory requirements, and how to use various financial methods to make the numbers work in your favour.

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