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Connor Clark

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Elton Willemse
Lyndsey Property training course attendee
"I attended Steven’s property workshop in July 2021. As someone with very little property experience, I was drawn to the course as it seemed like a fantastic opportunity to learn about how to build a successful property business and to be around like-minded people. The course completely exceeded my expectations. Steven is a fantastic communicator and he doesn’t hold back in any way. I learnt so much about different strategies, financing deals, refurbs etc. I really liked how there was a mix of people from all different backgrounds on the course. Some people had trade backgrounds so were experienced with the hands-on work, whilst others like myself were getting involved in property from a totally unrelated background. Coming away from the course I feel hugely inspired and empowered to take the next steps in my property journey. I hugely appreciate all the time and effort that went into the course by Steven and his team and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is considering it. "
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David Smart
"I attended Steven’s first ‘property workshop’ and it’s given me the confidence to push on with my property journey. Being educated by someone’s who’s doing what I want to do in property definitely helps. I found everything really relatable and it’s definitely opened my eyes to what is possible in property. Since attending I’ve successfully completed my own refurb’s, raised private finance and went through the refinance process, all covered on the workshop."
Steven Buchanan
Ross Gordon
"Excellent content from Steven which is very specific to the Scottish Property Market, I have previously attended other Property Education, but it was aimed at the English market where laws and legislation are different. Steven provides up-to-date, real world strategies that work in Scotland’s market today. Excellent value over the 3 days with plenty of great guest speakers. Whether you’re new to property or experienced and looking to build your network and relationships, I would highly recommend attending"
Ross Gordon
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Chris Ferguson
Callum Clark Property training course attendee
"I attended Steven Clarks first "This is Property" workshop event Sep 2020 and thought the training was brilliant, practical and very informative. The training covers how to find good solid property investments from BTL, and BRRR to flips and is all based of real life case studies which is very valuable. Since attending the course, i have went on to Joint Venture with him on a great Flip opportunity and have seen first hand how experienced and knowledgeable he truly is. Overall: great weekend, met some great people, learned a lot and would highly recommend to anyone looking to get started in property or advance to the next level."
Callum Clark
"I honestly, in 31 years haven't taken away as much information from a course. It was an awesome course. "
Gareth Kinnear
"I attended the March 2021 workshop and I have never looked back. I now work with Steven full-time in property. He has done it all and has excellent speakers to cover every base. You will leave buzzing with new friends in property and the knowledge to get you where you want to be!"
Stevie Scott
"I went with my partner in March. We have now purchased our first Buy to Let flat and are on our way to purchasing our next!"
David Haddow

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